Shaft Rescue

An insight into Spindle Doctor’s shaft rescue system!

Damaged taper = broken spindle?

Here at Spindel Doctor, we know that in a defective spindle the fault usually lies with the taper. Other service providers realise this as well, but nevertheless insist on replacing the entire spindle. Often this is totally unnecessary!

Countless success stories show that most spindles can be repaired in just seven days – a real bonus for the customer. Following a Spindel Doctor repair, the taper accuracy is considerably better than before. We guarantee the full range of functions as set out in DIN 69781 – all without the costs of an expensive replacement spindle!

Steer clear of ‘repairs’ that involve chrome plating and welding!

Some people opt for a supposedly quick solution. Welding and chrome plating do not solve the problem, but however, often make the situation even worse. Pre-grinding causes changes to the surface geometry which, when changing tools, means that spalling of materials is also possible. Finally, the nitrated sublayer needs to be removed. This results in defective functioning of the clamping system, tensioner and sensors, as the clamping slope and inner contours of the shaft are completely disregarded.  Spindel Doctor says, “that is no solution!”

The smart alternative

As opposed to many other companies operating in the market, we work directly on the heart of your spindle. Initially we remove the taper, use nitrogen to fit the bush and align it, then grind the spindle shaft internally. During this grinding process, the shaft taper is pneumatically measured. After assembly, the taper is then measured in the prism by means of a test pin. The end result is a taper that once more fully complies with the DIN 69781 standard.

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We offer special solutions and repair processes for Deckel Maho, Franz Kessler, Cytec, Step-Tec, Serrtech, DMG Mori and GMN. However, we also service and repair spindles from all other manufacturers.  Spindel Doctor’s motto: “We repair anything that rotates!”

We repair spindles made by:  Alfing Kessler, Berthold Hermle AG, Correanayak, Cytec, Deckel Maho, Diebold DZ W 15, DMG Mori, EUMACH, Ex-Cell-O, Fanuc, Fischer AG, Fischer Precise, Fischer Precision Spindle, FPS, Franz Kessler, Gamfior, GMN, GWF, HEDELIUS, Heller Maschinenfabrik, Hitachi, Hitachi Seiki, Homag, Hurco, IBAG, IMT, Jager, Kellenberger, KITAMURA MACHINERY, Komo, Lamb, Leblond Makino, LoadPoint Bearings, LOH, Mag-IAS, Makino, Manurhin, Marubeni Citizen – Cincom, Master Machine, Matsuura Machinery GmbH, Mechatronic, MIKRON AG, Mitsubishi, Monarch, Nordson, Okamoto, Omlat, Oxx, Parker Majestic, Parpas, Peron Speed, Pluritec, Pope, Posalux, Precise, Reckerth, Red Head, Renaud, Royal Precision Tools, Serrtech, Scharmann, Schmoll, Schneeberger, Setco, Siemens, SIP, SKF, Somex, Step-Tec, TDM, Tongtai Seiki, Toyo, TSK Accretech, VEM S.p.a (ElectroSpindles), Wasino, Weiss, Westwind, Whitnon, WMW, YCM, ZPS, and many more.