Power Filter

The Power Filter

Protecting your spindle from damage

Fine chips occur in the machining of materials such as grey cast iron, brass, aluminium or plastic. Over time, they develop an abrasive effect which reaches the rotary joint, and the pumping system via the cooling lubricant. This ends up clogging the coolant channels and narrows the pipe-line cross sections. This in turn causes the sealing surface of the rotary union to fail and block the leakage drain holes. In short, damage will occur leading to unnecessary costs.

The Power Filter is our solution! This compact system can be fitted to any CNC machine. Once fitted it can help avoid unnecessary chip accumulation and protect your machine against abrasion and the premature failure in the rotary unions.
The Power Filter operates similarly to that of the cartridge filter with the added advantage of a replaceable bag that acts as a filter unit.


  • Rapid assembly
  • Large capacity bag system
  • Bag can be easily changed in a few minutes
  • Protection against spindle damage
  • Versatile
  • Protect against abrasion and contamination of the coolant
  • Resistance up to a pressure of 25 bar
  • Low running costs.
    The result:

A longer service life for your spindle!

Use the Power Filter in conjunction with the Black Boy One or Black Boy Two and they can substantially increase the working life of your spindle

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