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Your professional, capable partner for all types of spindle repair and spindle servicing. Our knowledge and passion are demonstrated by more than 3000 successfully completed spindle repairs over the last seven years. As an independent service provider, our customers benefit from our extensive experience, and ability to react rapidly anywhere worldwide.

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There are numerous faults that your motor spindle could be suffering from. Damaged bearings or collisions (spindle crashes) are often the problem, leading to your machinery and machining centres being brought to a standstill. SpindelDoctor has the appropriate solution to all your spindle problems, and will ensure that the beating heart of your machining process is running smoothly again.

Request a no obligation quotation from us if your spindles show any of the following symptoms:

  • Bearing damage
  • Wear at the cutting point
  • Coil damage
  • Encoder failure
  • Insufficient clamping force
  • Leakage of oil or coolant
  • Noticeable increase in temperature (overheating)
  • Heavy vibrations
  • Clamping system damage

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Why use SpindelDoctor UK?

  • Save up to 60% compared to the product and servicing costs of certain manufacturers and competitors.
  • Worldwide repair within seven days, express repair within four days.
  • 12 month warranty on all repairs and replacement spindles.
  • We have our own manufacturing and assembly plant for precision components and spindle shafts.
  • Special offers and services for Franz Kessler, DMG and Cytec spindles.
  • Spindles removed, fitted and returned to operation at your own premises.
  • Worldwide service for all machining centres, milling, grinding, turning and drilling machines.
  • Upon request, we can handle all the logistical steps (transport, freight, customs etc.).

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The smart alternative for anyone who expects quality, precision and efficiency. The spindle is the heart of your CNC machine. Regardless of the type of machine to which your spindle is fitted, a damaged spindle usually means the complete shutdown of your machine tool.  This may bring with it a marked reduction in your production capacity.

SpindelDoctor repair motor spindles, high frequency spindles, belt-driven spindle units and spindles mounted in anti-friction bearings – from all manufacturers.

Whether there is damage to the bearings, the rotary encoder or clamping system, SpindelDoctor has an appropriate and efficient solution ready for every problem.

We offer special solutions and repair processes for motor spindles made by Deckel Maho, Franz Kessler, Cytec, Step-Tec, Serrtech, DMG Mori and GMN. However, we also service and repair spindles from all other manufacturers.

We repair spindles made by:  Alfing Kessler, Berthold Hermle AG, Correanayak, Cytec, Deckel Maho, Diebold DZ W 15, DMG Mori, EUMACH, Ex-Cell-O, Fanuc, Fischer AG, Fischer Precise, Fischer Precision Spindle, FPS, Franz Kessler, Gamfior, GMN, GWF, HEDELIUS, Heller Maschinenfabrik, Hitachi, Hitachi Seiki, Homag, Hurco, IBAG, IMT, Jager, Kellenberger, KITAMURA MACHINERY, Komo, Lamb, Leblond Makino, LoadPoint Bearings, LOH, Mag-IAS, Makino, Manurhin, Marubeni Citizen – Cincom, Master Machine, Matsuura Machinery GmbH, Mechatronic, MIKRON AG, Mitsubishi, Monarch, Nordson, Okamoto, Omlat, Oxx, Parker Majestic, Parpas, Peron Speed, Pluritec, Pope, Posalux, Precise, Reckerth, Red Head, Renaud, Royal Precision Tools, Serrtech, Scharmann, Schmoll, Schneeberger, Setco, Siemens, SIP, SKF, Somex, Step-Tec, TDM, Tongtai Seiki, Toyo, TSK Accretech, VEM S.p.a (ElectroSpindles), Wasino, Weiss, Westwind, Whitnon, WMW, YCM, ZPS, and many more.

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